About Us

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BNa Integrated (001338101-W), established in 2010, is a wholly-owned Bumiputra company registered with the Ministry of Finance. Our expertise focusing from a small scale company to medium scale company in providing international standard value-added expertise, which is specializing in leading-edge information technology solutions, encompasses the area of System and Web Development, Geospatial Information, Civil and Structural Works, Mobile Application Development and also Business Intelligence. We also expert in providing a tailor-made services to fulfill our client’s business requirements.


| what we can offers you

IT/Computer Services

  • Developing system and web application.
  • Tailoring existing system and web application.
  • Mobile Developments (ios/ androids).
  • Training and Consultations.


Engineering Services

  • Design civil and structure works.



  • Supplying furniture, stationaries, canopy.
  • Supplying road safety equipments, patchmix,all kinds of construction machines etc.



Data Policy

We keep the very high privacy of our customer. We will not sell or impose the information of the data without the customer’s or client’s permission.


Contact Us

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Email: sales@bnaintegrated.com

Phone: 0390756903

Hotline: 0192223454




| who believe us
  • Perunding Shazdif Sdn Bhd
  • Kezo Consult Sdn Bhd
  • Petlin
  • lppkn
  • Government agencies


Company Achievements

  1. Tambahan dan ubahsuai satu unit rumah teres di Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras, Selangor, 2010
  2. Membekal dan menghantar bahan binaan: Ready Patchmix,2011
  3. Membekal dan menghantar peralatan banci lalulintas Negeri Sembilan, 2011
  4. Membekal dan menghantar peralatan banci lalulintas JKR Daerah Rompin, 2011
  5. Membekal dan menghantar peralatan keselamatan jalan raya,2012
  6. Membekal dan menghantar bahan binaan: Ready Patchmix, JKR port Dickson,2012
  7. Membekal dan menghantar peralatan keselamatan jalan raya, JKR Besut, 2012
  8. Patchmix 4,500.00 5 hari 22/7/2012 24/7/2012 JKR Daerah Seremban 14 Membekal dan menghantar Kanopi 20’x20’ bercetak Logo Kolej Kediaman Ke-5, Universiti Malaya, 2012
  9. Membekal dan Menghantar Perabot Pejabat, JUPEM, KL, 2012
  10. Membina aplikasi mobile, myJawi WordBuilder, available in Apple Store 2011
  11. Membina aplikasi mobile, Premium Beautiful Calculator, available in Apple Store 2012.